Quarry Park Women Hike Duluth: February 23, 2019

For our February hike Women Hike Duluth event we hiked Quarry Park in West Duluth. We had a great turn out with 67 ladies joining the hike that went up and around the rim of the Quarry and through the woods. It was a fantastic hike! I guess we were all ready to get outside on a nice Saturday.  We even got to watch some ice climbers scaling the rock/ice face of the quarry wall.

Thanks to Roberta Laidlaw for sharing some of these pictures to include in the blog post. What fun pictures!

Women Hike Duluth Night Lights Hike – December 18, 2018

What an amazing evening it was with more than 80 women showing up for an evening hike in the dark to enjoy the lights of Duluth from the Antenna Farm COGGs trail. Leading this group down the trail I turned around and saw a parade of headlamps snaking through the woods in a long train and encouraged others to turn and look. One women said it perfectly when she stated “that is POWERFUL!”

November Women Hike Duluth: Piedmont Trails

November 17, 2018 women in Duluth celebrated national Take A Hike day by hiking 2.5 miles on the Piedmont Trails. About 40 women came out to enjoy a beautiful blue sky day, crisp air, and the company of other women as they hiked. Here are some pictures from the hike. We were surprised at the end of the hike to find KBJR filming us as we came out of the woods. They did a story about Take A Hike day and Women Hike Duluth’s hike.

A Golden Hike – 10/14/18

A small group from the Women Hike Duluth group hiked the trails at St. Scholastica and it was golden. Fall colors are falling fast but you can still find it in the trees and we certainly did here. Check out our hike.


Fall Colors Hike 10/12/18

On occasion I do a “get-together” hike. An impromptu hike where I send out an invite a couple of days ahead of time and see who shows up. Today there were 7 of us enjoying a 4+ mile hike on the Piedmont Heights trails starting at the Hutchinson Road parking lot. Here are some pictures of the hikers. See the picture gallery for pictures of the fall colors we enjoyed on our hike.

The following pictures courtesy of Terri Reinke:

Thanks for the great pictures Terri – especially Cinder! 

Women Hike Duluth: Chester Park September 18, 2018

We had another great turn out for the September Women Hike Duluth at Chester Park. 60 women divided into two groups. One group hiked Chester Bowl trails up the ski hill while the other followed the trails following the river down to 4th Street and back to the playground. What a great group of ladies came out for our September hike!



Women Hike Duluth: Hartley (8/21/18)

Rain poured at Hartley earlier in the day causing trails to be closed so the Women Hike Duluth event was officially cancelled. However, the trails at Hartley were reopened late in the afternoon and we figured there would be women who did not hear about the cancellation who would show up so we showed up ready to lead a hike. Many women did show up and we had a great hike. For those who heard about the cancellation and did not come, we have scheduled another Hartley Hike for Tuesday, August 28 at 6pm.

Here are some pictures from the Hartley hike on August 21:

WHD Hartely group pic