Be active, get your blood pumping, enjoy this great city in a unique way – Hike Duluth! I hope to inspire you to get out and explore by sharing pictures of hiking trails, and the beauty you can find on them, in Duluth. Get out and explore the many trails of our city!

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Upcoming Events

Women Hike Duluth Upcoming Hikes

Have an interest in exploring Duluth’s trails, and want to connect with like minded women? Duluth Parks and Recreation is partnering with hike Duluth to provide guided hikes for women throughout our beautiful city!

Questions? Contact Duluth Parks and Recreation at 218-730-4300.
Follow hikeDuluth and DuluthParksMN on Facebook for event updates.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019
6PM – 7PM
Antenna Farm COGGS Trail
Access Trail on 9th Street just east of 8th Avenue West

Grab your headlamps, flashlights, snowshoes/yak traks for a guided night hike to view the Bentlyville Lights, the Bridge and Downtown Duluth all light up at night! We will be trekking along the Antenna Farm trail!

We will access the trail on 9th Street just East of 8th Avenue. Parking available along the 8th Ave W and 9th Street as well as Orange Street.

Please wear sturdy/warm gear. This easy hike is no longer than a mile.

Registration is not required and the event is FREE! Kids are welcome! Restrooms/water facilities will not be available.

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2020 HIKES:
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Hike Duluth shares pictures of the adventures of an outdoor enthusiast who is proud to call Duluth home. I am passionate about exploring Duluth’s many hiking trails and enjoy sharing my experiences with you as I hike Duluth.

Would you like Hike Duluth to coordinate a hiking event for your group, work place, club, or school? Hike Duluth can lead a fun hike on trails that are appropriate for your groups abilities, as well as, provide talks about hiking health and wellness, hiking safety, tips for a successful hike, family friendly areas to hike in Duluth, and more. Email sandi@hikeduluth.com for more information.